Are you and your coworkers looking for ways to raise money for a cause that’s near and dear to your heart? You need something fun, something fresh, something that engages people and encourages them to open up their wallets. Here’s a list of our favorite charity fundraising ideas for the office. 

Top 10 Workplace Fundraising Ideas

If there is one message that comes through loud and clear, it’s this: we are generous. Americans are a very giving people, and charitable donations reached nearly $450 billion in 2019. Corporate giving amounted to about $21 billion. This is incredible! Let’s keep the momentum going:

  1. Bust Boredom with a Board Game Tournament

Cost-effective, easy, and simple, this is a surefire way to raise funds. Board games have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, and there’s a flavor for every appetite. Choose your games, and then have colleagues register. They’ll get their friends, family, and others to donate on their behalf. Let the games begin! 

  1. Conduct a Cook-Off or Bake-Off

The heat is on! A chili cookoff is an excellent workplace fundraiser because it is so inclusive. There are vegetarian options, vegan options, meat lover options. There’s spicy, smoky, savory, and even sweet varieties (did you know some people put chocolate in their chili? It’s wild and crazy… and maybe award-winning!). Whether you do donate-to-enter or donate-to-eat, you can dish out some great gifts for your charity.

Don’t like chili? Have a bake-off, grill-off, tofu-off… whatever will fly with your coworkers.

  1. Go Casual on Fridays… or Mondays, etc.

One of the first things that people do when they get home from work is to kick off their shoes, rip off their suits and ties, and get comfy. Now imagine if they could just put on those soft blue jeans and hoodies for work? Why not give folks the chance to ditch the dress code in return for a donation? It’s easy – and super effective. Plus, you can do it every week/month.

  1. Rent an Assistant

Swamped at work? Everyone could use an assistant to help clear paperwork, run errands, file, confirm appointments, or make copies. Get some capable employees (including supervisors) on board and let employees make donations for the assistant of their choice. They’ll rent that person’s time (e.g., $25/30 minutes, $50/hour, $100+ for a whole day). They get help with their tasks and your charity gets much needed funds. Win-win.

  1. Be Pet Smart

Let’s face it: life is chaotic and busy. Sometimes, you just need a snuggle; pets are scientifically proven to lower stress. Connect with an animal shelter in your area, and those who are interested can make a donation in exchange for spending some quality time with a furry friend. Great cause, great hugs.

  1. Wrap Things Up

Get involved. Join the Hope Town United email list. Click to sign up now.When the holiday season ramps up, launch a gift wrapping day. You surely have some crafters and/or Type A’s in the office, so arm them with scissors, paper, tape, bows, and ribbons. People can stop by and have their gifts wrapped in exchange for a donation. It takes a task off their to-do list while raising funds for your charity.

  1. Love It and Leave It

Raffle off a day of leave (paid, of course) for your team. The more tickets they buy, the better the odds of earning a relaxing day off.

  1. Give an Hour

One of the easiest charity fundraising ideas for the office is to ask people to donate one hour’s pay. It’s just an hour, and you can work with HR so it’s taken from their checks seamlessly. Donation with zero hassle. 

  1. Create a Jargon Jar

You know the old swear jar? Well, we hope your coworkers don’t have potty mouths. But you can still use the jar: every time you catch someone saying, “Let’s put a pin on that,” “We’ll take this offline,” “Hit the ground running,” “We’ll circle back to that,” or “I need to touch base with you,” have them pop a donation in. You may cut down on office jargon. More likely, you’ll fill up the jar.

  1. Get Matchy Matchy

Look into corporate gift matching programs. This is an easy way to double your money – and really inspire people in the office to give. Knowing you can put in $50, for example, and your gift will magically become $100 is tremendously motivating. Does your workplace have such a program? And if not… can you jumpstart one?

Get Started Now

Looking for a worthy cause to unite your team? Donate now to help Hope Town United reach its $15 million fundraising goal. The Bahamas is still recovering from devastating Hurricane Dorian; rebuilding continues today, and it’s never too late to help out. From rebuilding the Hope Town Primary School, building a community center, and restoring homes, your office can make a real impact on the lives of countless people.