Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund | Hope Town United

The Plan


Since Hurricane Dorian made landfall on September 1st, 2019, Hope Town United has been working tirelessly to provide immediate relief to the residents of Elbow Cay. We are focused on helping the community get back on its feet as quickly as possible while facilitating the construction of more resilient homes, businesses, and public buildings along with an environmentally-sustainable infrastructure.

Our mission is simple. We are creating the global model for island disaster recovery and intelligent restoration in the face of increasingly frequent and powerful storms like Hurricane Dorian. By working with our network of global subject matter experts, including disaster relief specialists from the Boston Consulting Group and innovative infrastructure engineering firm EXP, we will support our work through:


Addressing near-term recovery needs including the immediate restoration of critical public buildings such as the Hope Town Primary School and the Hope Town Medical Clinic.

The construction of a modernized, environmentally-sustainable infrastructure and the reconstruction of locally-owned businesses and resident homes that are funded through innovative, blended finance structures, impact investment vehicles and an international fundraising campaign.

Our Goals

Provide direct aid to the residents of Elbow Cay to facilitate their rebuilding process.

Prioritize the re-employment of the residents of Elbow Cay to help restart the island’s economy.

Ensure that Elbow Cay’s restoration is community-led, with representation and support from every constituency on island.

Lead the restoration and rebuilding of Elbow Cay’s government buildings and small businesses.

Identify, fund, and supervise the construction of island infrastructure inclusive of renewable energy generation, and sustainable and modernized public water supply, sewage system, roadways, waste disposal, and hot & chilled water distribution.


This is amazing! I can’t thank you and your team enough for what you have done and will do for our little Hope Town! So excited for the future and can’t wait to get back to the island!


When there’s a disaster, the community of Hope Town comes together.

– Vernon Malone

It is amazing that you can find your strength if you dig down deep, you just keep digging. And it’s there, always.

– Heather Prosa

Unlike massive natural disasters like Haiti or Puerto Rico, we’re talking about a very small geographic area. So while it is a lot of money, it’s digestible when you look at the challenge and the opportunity to do something systematic here. You really could create a case study, a model for the rest of the world.

– Matt Winslow

This really is a town. And the essence of that town is the people who live there. I want to make sure that community survives the storm.

– Brian Malone

Our First of Three Projects

Restoration of Hope Town Primary School

Hope Town United recently received approval from the Minister of Education to rebuild Hope Town Primary School. Working with the school’s principal, a local steering committee, engineers and local architects, the goal will be to preserve as much of the historic structure of the school as possible while building a facility that can be used as a storm shelter. Getting the children of Elbow Cay back to school is an essential step toward restoring a sense of normalcy for our residents.

Abaco Community Care Center

Hope Town United will be building the new Abaco Community Care Center to provide more expansive services for residents and visitors. Flagler Health+ in Saint Augustine, Florida, will be partnering with Hope Town United and will provide ongoing support and guidance as the Care Center’s “sister hospital”. The center will include modern offerings, including tele-medicine. The most vulnerable community members will no longer have to travel to another island for a doctor’s visit or to get their prescriptions filled. The new center will also have expanded capabilities for pediatrics, OB/GYN care, cancer screenings, senior care and hospoce, and stabilizing trauma patients.

Infrastructure Investment

Hope Town United, working with Boston Consulting Group, will create an impact investment offering memorandum for the construction of a modern, resilient and environmentally-sustainable infrastructure on Elbow Cay starting with an underground micro-grid and including innovative and renewable energy solutions.


Amount raised to date: $3,000,000