The importance of school fundraisers has been on our minds for a long time, but may be increasingly clear to many people in light of our current circumstances. 

Parents, caregivers and community members are so eager to participate and give it our all when it comes to dreaming up creative school fundraising ideas. Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic school fundraising has been greatly impacted by social distancing, stay at home orders and, of course, the necessary but problematic school shutdowns. And still, through all of this schools are looking for ways to reach their communities and make meaningful impacts.Get involved. Join the Hope Town United email list. Click to sign up now.

This is a difficult time, but there is much inspiration to be found in the creative and thoughtful collaborations that are arising all around us! So many people are working to make resources available online and to help people stay connected and fulfilled. This is equally  true when it comes to sharing school fundraising ideas. The new and pressing need to come up with innovative virtual fundraising ideas for schools has come rather abruptly and left little time for the usual course of meetings and gatherings to discuss school fundraising ideas. As we’ve turned to a virtual environment, we are now thinking of school fundraising ideas that do not revolve around in-person gatherings and events. 

Here are some virtual fundraising ideas for schools that are completely feasible for school fundraising committees and other organizers to pull off with great success during the pandemic! Many of these ideas won’t be going anywhere when the need for social distancing is a thing of the past either. Putting some time and resources into creating an infrastructure for virtual fundraising is a great idea and will prove beneficial for years to come. 

3 School Fundraising Ideas Suitable for the New Normal

  1. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising won’t be a new concept to you. That’s why we want to begin here. It’s a fundraising method that is tried and true. Beginning your efforts with something glitzy or glamorous may not be the way to go in these uncertain times, particularly if you are not super familiar with your donor base. It can be difficult to appeal to everyone’s interests, pull everyone’s heart strings and keep everyone engaged. 

Actually, it’s not difficult – it’s impossible. 

Peer-to-peer fundraising is good old fashioned grassroots fundraising. If there is one silver lining we can glean from this global pandemic, it’s that people want to help each other out in times of need. Engaging your donors in a way that makes them a stakeholder. With peer-to-peer fundraising, donors tap into their own social networks to expand your donor base in a personal and meaningful way. The best part is that this fundraising relies on tools that most people already access – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – all of these platforms are good for peer-to-peer fundraising. 

  1. Living Room Concerts

As the pandemic spread and people everywhere were impacted, we saw renowned musicians across the globe giving performances to lift spirits. Stories of Italian singers on their balconies and choruses collaborating on Zoom, provided a resounding sense of humanity, community and beauty when we needed it most. Music is essential and a living room concert as a school fundraiser is such a great way to bring your community together in support of a great cause. 

  1. Retail Partnerships

You may have noticed, if you have ventured out on a shopping trip recently, that stores are now asking if you would like to make a donation to a charitable cause. This isn’t exactly a new idea, but it’s often done by major box stores, and the charities are often global. Folks didn’t really have any information about the actual charity. Many felt uneasy donating to causes without having any idea of where their money would actually go. 

When the charity is local, though, people feel good about contributing. 

Whatever your approach to virtual fundraising is you will want to take the time to be sure your donations are going to make the most difference possible. For that reason, be sure to donate your funds to a nonprofit organization, like Hope Town United, whose mission aligns with the values of your school and community. Learn about Hope Town United’s projects, including the restoration of Hope Town Primary School here.